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Intention Crystal Candle Infused with Amethyst and Rose Quartz

Ideal for: Emotional healing, Uplifting mood, Restoring harmony in relationships, Positive Energy

Our Healing candle is a perfect marriage of two power gemstones - Amethyst being our master healer and Rose Quartz inviting love in all aspects of life, these two combine to heal old wounds while making room for new and better experiences.

The perfect gift for those ready to heal from a painful situation - whether that be a broken relationship, friendship, or a negative workplace. Let our Amethyst cleanse away the old while our Rose Quartz fills the space with self-love, empowerment, and new connections.


The healing power of spirit is flowing through all the cells of my body.

Healing energy surrounds me at all times and in all ways.

I release all emotional patterns that are no longer serving me.

I am more powerful than my pain and my wounds.

I forgive myself for all my perceived mistakes and failures.

My heart is full of gratitude and compassion.

My mind, heart, body and spirit are open to experience wellbeing and peace that supports my highest good.


Candle Information:

290g / 40+ Hour Burn Time

100% Premium Soy Wax

Premium Quality Australian Made Fragrance Oil

Cotton & lead free wicks

Amethyst and Rose Quartz Crystals



Intention Crystal Candle Infused with Amethyst and Smoky Quartz

Ideal for: Inner peace, Calm, Grounding, Relaxation, Meditation

Known as the ‘Stone of Power’ by the Ancient Druids, Smoky Quartz has long been considered as an incredibly powerful protective crystal. Not only does it ground the user from emotional and environmental stressors physically but it does so spiritually, transmuting negative energies while inviting positivity and tranquillity. Combined with Amethyst, a natural stress reliever that promotes calm and relaxation, use this candle either before bed, during meditation, or while having a relaxing warm bath as part of your regular self-care, self-love routine.



I allow calm, rest and peace to wash over me.

I allow peaceful energy to flow all over my mind, body and spirit.

I let go of any disruptive thoughts and let peace and calm fill its place.

My mind is quiet and I am safe.

I easily let go of any worries and stress.

I am relaxed and my body is relaxed.



Candle Information:

290g / 40+ Hour Burn Time

100% Premium Soy Wax

Premium Quality Australian Made Fragrance Oil

Cotton & Lead Free Wicks

Amethyst and Smoky Quartz



Intention Crystal Candle Infused with Rose Quartz

Ideal for: Attracting love, Strengthening love on existing relationships, Self-love, Beauty, Kindness

Rose Quartz has represented love and beauty for centuries. While this gemstone is usually associated with manifesting new relationships as well as helping deepen your love and connection to an existing one, its underrated power lies in self-love, healing your heart centre while inviting in forgiveness, harmony, compassion and empowerment.

Our Love candle is adorned with multiple blushing rose quartz stones, ready to be activated with your intentions and kept long after the candle itself has burned out. 


I am worthy of love.

I am more than enough.

I love, honour and accept myself.

I release shame, guilt and self judgement.

I am worthy of loving and nurturing relationships.

I am focused on being true to myself.

I treat myself with compassion.

I allow myself to receive the highest form of love and I reflect it back into the world.

Candle Information:

290g | 40+ Hour Burn Time

100% Premium Soy Wax

Premium Quality Australian made Fragrance Oil

Cotton & lead free wicks

Rose Quartz



Intention Crystal Candle Infused with Black Tourmaline and Amethyst

Ideal for: Energetic protection, Stability, Security, Aura Cleansing, Focus

Combining the energy of Black Tourmaline, known as a protective stone, and Amethyst, known as a master healer, our Protection Candle was created with today’s lifestyle in mind. From high-stress work environments to balancing a busy home and social life, all with constant exposure to media and technology unlike any generation before us,  it’s completely reasonable to feel overwhelmed at times. 

This specific combination was created to protect your energy while detoxing your spirit. It's perfect for setting boundaries between you and whatever is not serving you, allowing the Black Tourmaline to take from the negative and for the Amethyst to heal that space, inviting positivity and light in its place. 



I release any and all energies that are no longer serving me and lovingly send it back to its source.

I release all energies that are less than love and I am safe.

I release what I cannot change.

I am grounded and in the present moment.

I choose faith over fear.

I invite positive and uplifting energies into my space.

I radiate love, light and peace everywhere I go.

I am divinely protected at all times and in all ways.

I know the best is still yet to come.

So be it, so it is.


Candle Information:

290g / 40+ Hour Burn Time

100% Premium Soy Wax

Premium Quality Australian made Fragrance Oil

Cotton & lead free wicks

Black Tourmaline and Amethyst



Intention Candle Infused with Citrine and Tiger's Eye Crystal

Ideal for: Abundance, Prosperity, Success, Confidence, Strength, Willpower

Infused with Citrine, a crystal associated with joy and success, and Tiger's eye, a stone of personal empowerment, our Abundance Crystal Candle will encourage you to live boldly in pursuit of your dreams. 

These two crystals combine perfectly to fill your home with positivity, increase your personal power and embolden you for what’s to come. The perfect gift for anyone who wants to add more prosperity to their lives - a business owner, someone pursuing a new endeavor like a job, a new business, or even a housewarming gift. 



Prosperity flows to me and through me.

I am bold and brave in pursuit of my dreams.

I have everything I need to achieve my goals.

Money is energy and it flows to me easily, quickly and abundantly.

Prosperity comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

I have unlimited opportunities.

I live in a loving and abundant universe.

I deserve the best and I accept the best now.

Candle Information:

290g / 40+ Hour Burn Time

100% Premium Soy Wax

Premium Australian Made Fragrance Oil

Cotton & Lead Free Wicks

Heat treated Citrine and Tigers Eye Crystals



Intention Crystal Candle Infused with Carnelian and Citrine

Ideal for: Creativity, Joy, Inspiration, Vitality, Self-empowerment

An intention crystal candle to create a life filled with wonder and inspiration. A candle for the creatives, the artists, the content makers, the entertainers or for anyone who wants to unleash the power of their creativity and imagination. Our Inspiration Candle combines two complementary crystals with Citrine - known to boost joy, clarity, and memory, and Carnelian - a crystal associated with creative expression while also promoting increased stamina and endurance.
This candle will help you push past your own limiting beliefs and self-doubt, assisting with the focus needed to pursue that creative spark.


My creativity and imagination is boundless

Creative energy flows through me

I discover brilliant ideas effortlessly

I tap into flow easily

I find inspiration everywhere I go

I solve problems with ease

I give myself room for creative expression

I create from a place of abundance and joy

Candle Information:

290g | 40+ Hour Burn Time

100% Premium Soy Wax

Premium Quality Australian made Fragrance Oil

Cotton & lead free wicks

Carnelian and heat treated Citrine


Crystal Candle Australia

Our crystal candles, aside from their beautiful nature, all come back to the idea of manifestation. By burning our candles, you open yourself up to the wonderful energy and benefits that come with it. Infused with powerful healing crystals, such as rose quartz and amethyst, we want you to be able to bring the right type of energy into your space. The type of energy that helps you get things done and make your home smell wonderful while doing it.

Benefits of Our Crystal Candles:


Powerful Manifestations

As we’ve said before, these candles are simply marvelous for bringing manifestations to life. Whether you’re actively trying to draw an intention to yourself or just wanting to boost an effect, our candles are great for practicing meditation and other spiritual practices. Bringing the right energy into your home for the best possible results.

Wonderful Scents

Along with their spiritual energy, our candles also come with amazing and organic scents. These scents can fill your space with a beautiful fragrant aroma without being overpowering. Spruce up stale environments with a refreshing scent and hours-long burn.

Reduces Anxiety

It has been documented that aromatherapy, whether it comes from one of our crystal diffusers or crystal candles, can help reduce anxiety and stress. By burning one of our candles, you invite positive energy into your home and usher out the negative. The aromatherapy combined with the benefits of the crystals is sure to relax you.

Helps Focus

Along with calming scents, our candles also have focusing ones. Made to keep you more alert and in the zone, these scents and crystals are what you need to bring in that added focus. They can accompany you while you’re working or trying to get a task done.

Brings Clarity

Much like bringing focus, our candles can also bring clarity. Environments can be smudged with negative energy, making it hard to think. By cleansing the space with crystal candles, you can remove the negative from your life and make room for the positive.


Much like meditation, our candles also pair perfectly with prayer. No matter your religion, a focused space helps you connect to your higher power. This is where our crystal candles come in handy. Our candles can help bring you into a sense of calm and tranquility to connect to your higher power.

Improves Your Space

Every detail of our candles has been hand-selected by us to look as gorgeous as possible. We want our candles to look natural and beautiful in your space, that’s why we use 100% soy wax with no additives.

Winds You Down

When your mind is racing, it can be hard to wind down for the day. It could be that you’re trying to focus on a yoga practice or perhaps even go to sleep, but your thoughts just keep you up at night. That’s why our crystal-infused candles are a perfect accessory to your space and home. Soothing scents provide an alternative therapy designed to keep you calm.

Empowers You

So our candles can reduce anxiety, bring focus and clarity, as well wind you down for whatever you have waiting for you, what else can they do? Using the positive vibrations to affect the human body’s charades and focal points, our candles are also made to empower you. Helping your reach that confidence that we know you are capable of but might just need help reaching.


Our candles help bring your manifestations to life. By burning a candle infused with crystals, you spread the effect of that crystal around whatever space you are in. This can be great for meditation practices or other self-care habits. Try speaking aloud in partnership with the candles and see if you can get an even better result!

“I am asking,

I am believing,

I am seeing,

I am receiving”

Or try

“I am at peace. I release all tensions and worries. I am grounded in the beautiful, serene space of my heart. I am at peace.”

Other options for manifestations include writing it down, drawing the desired result, or meditating on it silently. Try a combination of these options to see what works best for you. Some spiritual experts even recommend burning a piece of paper with your manifestation on it- which works perfectly with our crystal candles. Of course, though, do this safely and abiding by fire safety rules.

Why Light & Rituals Candles?

Our candles have been designed and are packed with love. We focus on you having a positive experience with our products. Whether that means you are browsing or buying a couple of our crystal candles- we are dedicated to your shopping experience.

These candles have been optimized to bring in positive vibrations and powerful manifestations. We take the time to research and produce the right crystal candles for you. If you’re looking for love, we have a candle for you. If you’re looking for clarity, we have a candle for you. Focus, empowerment, relaxation, and healing- are candles that have multiple different uses for your benefit.

Packaged with care, each design aspect has been hand-picked for gorgeous results. From the labeling to the jar, to the wick, to the crystal- we’ve chosen it all to boost your space and positive experiences.

If you aren’t looking for a candle today, our shop also has various other options for whatever you might be looking for. Crystals and crystal diffusers are also available for your spiritual and aesthetic experience.


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