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Green Adventurine is known as the "Lucky Stone" and the "Stone of Opportunity" . This is the perfect stone to work with when trying to boost your chance in you everyday situation. This crystal works with your heart chakra, clearing away any toxic emotions you may have, and allowing positive loving energy to fill its place.
Keep a Green Adventurine in your pocket or your purse so you can always connect to its lucky energy, boosting your luck wherever you go.

*Please expect slight variations in each item in terms of colour, texture, and size due to the nature of the product.


With the chicness of everyday life, sometimes it’s best to return to simpler methods of healing. Extracted with kindness, our crystals are designed to promote natural and spiritual restoration.

We know that you work hard and are looking for a way to restore your natural balance. Our crystals are perfect doing just that. Harvested and collected from the earth, naturalist is our specialty.

In addition to healing, crystals are also good for home decor and decor in general. From a simple paperweight, bookend, or something pretty to catch the sun, crystals have multiple different uses. Make your space aesthetically pleasing as well as healing.

We already use crystals in everyday life, from the watch on your wrist to the phone in your hand, crystals are used to advance already functioning elements of everyday life. Whether that be through technology, as mentioned before, or even the use of healing minerals in our medications.

How to Use Our Crystals

Crystals are used as alternative therapies, inducing a relaxing effect on the body and mind. Many people use these crystals as ways to bring peace of mind, or amplify good vibes. It is not a new phenomenon either, ancient cultures and priests have used crystals to align the body and mind as well as the body chakras. Ancient Egyptians used crystals for healing and protection, Indian texts describe explaining specific crystals and how to use their healing properties to cure illnesses of the mind. Meanwhile, older Chinese medicine relied on the medicinal properties of crystals and the Greek and Roman soldiers of centuries past used crystals for protection in battle.

Experts say that crystals use power holds in order to bring in amplified positive healing and do away with the negative vibrations that your body may be holding on to. Crystals work by channeling your energy levels and start the healing process from the inside. Having been naturally extracted from the earth, crystals harness natural vibrations and energies from the sun, moon, and oceans. Using these properties, they can promote creativity and concentration, as well as emotional, spiritual, and physical cleansing.

Notably, crystals have been endorsed by public figures such as Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Debra Messing, and Adele to name a few. Using them for meditations, yoga, baths, or simply to hold in one’s pocket. These simple ways of incorporating crystals into your everyday life have great effects of reducing stress and promoting natural healing.

We keep talking about vibrations and frequencies, but what exactly does it mean? How do they relate to crystals? Crystal vibrations arise from the unique way their molecules and atoms interact and move. It is these vibrations that affect the human body for positive and uplifting experiences.

Convinced yet? Going forward, let’s look at some different examples of crystals and how they can help you. That’s right, different crystals can have different healing properties. For example, rose quartz is the crystal of love (as well as looking beautiful in home decor), and owning a piece of rose quartz can help your body accept all forms of love. Clear quartz on the other hand is great for beginner crystal users, as they are suited to amplifying energy and are used in many different uses. Black tourmaline is for blocking negative energy, amethyst for relaxation, citrine for warmth and positivity, moonstone for new beginnings, and the list could go on forever.

Selecting The Right Crystal

To select a crystal, make sure to identify the need you are trying to meet beforehand. This will help you find the right one from our store. We want you to have to best results possible! Listen to your inner subconscious and see which crystal you are drawn to. Likely, you already know which one is best for you based on intuition.

For the best results, many people praise the results from cleansing and charging your crystal with natural energy. Energy that you can then use for your own. Rinsing underwater, placing in direct sunlight or moonlight, or even burning sage are great rinsers and cleansers.

We suggest using crystals in all manners in order to get the best results possible. Some people have used crystals for protection, lining their doorways with them or setting them up in the 4 corners of their room. During meditation, you may want to press a crystal up to your heart and head, to benefit the staples of your body. Placing them close to your heart is also a good way to always keep the intention of the crystal close to you. A shirt pocket is perfect for this.

Our business offers many options when it comes to crystals- from diffusers to candles. Burning candles with crystals have been known to spread their effects during the burning process. As well, they look gorgeous in any home. Crystal diffusers, also available from our shop, can be used to spread crystal effects as well. The accompanying fragrance and perfume type of product are just added bonuses.

It’s no secret that the use of crystals is on the rise. From their effects on creativity, concentration, anxiety, and other mental and physical issues- there is no reason not to hop on board with the benefits of crystals.



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