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Rituals, manifestation, and anchoring action with intention. All of these have one thing in common: Light and Rituals. 
All Light and Rituals products have been carefully crafted to support and empower your journey to manifest and create the life of your dreams. The candles, diffusers, and crystals are potent vessels to set intentions and create powerful rituals. These mindful practices help build and create a positive mindset, free of restrictive thoughts, to create a safe space to work through limiting beliefs and harness self-love. 
Light & Rituals' founder, Suzie, has always had a deep connection to spirituality and has used candles and crystals in many moments and rituals throughout her life. Suzie as a certified NLP Practitioner, uses her NLP qualifications and own spiritual journey when creating products that help develop positive emotional anchors into memory through smell and rituals. 
The pandemic has created a space where now, more than ever, people are turning to spirituality for guidance about creating a life of meaning and a life that they truly desire. Our aim at Light and Rituals is to help people along their journey into mindfulness, gratitude, intention, and rituals by providing the tools they need. By harnessing the power of crystal energies, rituals, and scents to anchor into positive feelings and intentions. We want to help people along their journey to shine their light, because life is better when you're living your truth, sitting in good energy and creating the life of your dreams.
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