About Us


At Light and Rituals, we're dedicated to sparking your path towards manifesting your dream life. We stand by the idea that aligning thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your intentions paves the way for the life you desire. Our candles, diffusers, and crystals are infused with healing energies and the power to set intentions, all designed to empower you to create the life you want.

Manifestation is more than hoping or positive statements. It's like connecting with your inner self, dancing with the universe, and taking inspired steps toward your dreams.

I am Suzie, a Certified NLP Practitioner, and I am in love with the art of manifestation and the power of healing crystals. I've poured my passion and know-how into every Light and Rituals product, all aimed at empowering your manifestation journey.

With our products, you're not just transforming your home's vibration. You're also crafting a sacred space that invites abundance, love, serenity, and joy. By embracing the energies of our crystal-infused creations, you're tapping into the universe's magic, propelling your goals forward.

Plus, let's talk about our showstopper: the incredible, long-lasting fragrances. Our products craft an atmosphere with purpose, leaving lasting olfactory impressions that linger in your subconscious, uplifting your spirit and space.

Whether you're diving into manifesting or already a seasoned pro, Light and Rituals is here, your cheerleader on this journey. We're firm believers that abundance, joy, and fulfillment should be everyone's norm. It's an honor to stand by your side, making your manifestation dreams a reality.

With love,