How to activate your Serenity Candle with your desired intention

Activating Serenity Candle:

Before lighting, sit in a quiet space with the candle in your hands and visualise your intended outcome. You are opening the door to new and joyous experiences. As you’re charging the candle with your unique intentions, you can be as specific as you’d like or you can also just have an understanding of the essence of what you like to manifest and let the universe deliver what's in your highest good.

When you’re ready, light the candle to bring your intentions into your reality. 


Now repeat these affirmations:

I allow calm, rest and peace to wash over me.

I allow peaceful energy to flow all over my mind, body and spirit.

I let go of any disruptive thoughts and let peace and calm fill its place.

My mind is quiet and I am safe.

I easily let go of any worries and stress.

I am relaxed and my body is relaxed.